In June of last year, they opened up a store located at West Main Street, Alhambra, California as a small mom and pop operation in a section of town that is going through revitalization. I wish them well. One of the last products Psystar sold was a T-shirt reading: However, Apple quickly realized it lost money on the deal. Retrieved December 1,

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On September 15th, the maxQ will be upgraded to an Intel Core i7 six core 3.

Psystar Corporation – Wikipedia

Retrieved Sep 13, Psystar did not challenge Lynde in his analysis of financial records. Second-gen Apple TV hits 1 million sales. In fact, people from Quo psysta been known to go to Apple stores, buy shrink-wrapped copies of OS X ,and then install it at the request of their customers. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It runs at 3.

On May 14,the Supreme Court denied Psystar’s appeal. When Steve Jobs returned to Apple, he ended the clone Macs schemebuying out the remaining licenses as he focused on returning Apple to profitability. Retrieved Sep 14, One of psystag last products Psystar sold was a T-shirt reading: Ranking all the major hardware Apple released in [Year in Review].


I sincerely hope that Apple, Inc. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Then again, it might not. De Silva believes that he will eventually get suedbut his position is that many are building bad Hackintoshes, and that’s a no win situation.

Nintendo is going to court over its refund policy. The tiny licensing fees generated less revenue than selling genuine Macs to customers. Psystar can argue Apple abused copyright laws, judge rules”.

Psystar Corporation

The Mac Observer, Inc. Last year, when Quo’s president Rashantha De Silva opened up his small retail store, he started selling three models of Quo Computers. How to use Files app to replace your lame notes app. In effect, they are not screaming about selling Mac clones. Computer hardware Computer software Consumer electronics.

Pssystar 26 May After digging through invoices, purchase orders and other documents, Lynde was able to pinpoint only sales of machines with Mac OS X pre-installed. Federal District Court ruled Psystar violated Apple ‘s copyrights in doing so.


The developers of the OSx86 Project claimed that Psystar did not get permission to use their code and then reworked their license so that it specifically forbids commercial usage.

Customers could tweak and upgrade these components if they wished. It will be renamed the maxQ2 and, as of now, doesn’t appear on the Quo Computer site. Quo Computer psysttar their own upgrades and can configure a computer any way you would like. Instead of more Macs, the strategy resulted in cheaper Macs. On December 15,the judge in the California action issued a permanent injunction barring Psystar from manufacturing, distributing, or assisting anyone with any sort of device or technology “that is primarily designed or produced for the purpose of circumventing a technological measure”.

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