It can also be used to review the ROM contents itself. If the link status indicates failure, AUI interface is configured. This thread is event driven. This routine should reset, initialize, and select an appropriate media. Write the Driver Statistic-Printing Function 4. Increasing the size of the heap 4.

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Write the Driver Initialization Function. We have used it to configure the board. By reading or writing these registers, a driver can obtain information about the type of the board, the interrupt it uses, the mapping of the chip specific registers, … On Intel target, the chip specific registers can be accessed via x methods: The user only needs to provide a valid value for this parameter if he wants to affect the order how different technology abilities are negotiated.

The chip still has to be programmed to operate in little endian mode as it is on the PCI bus. To reference these buffers to the DEC chip we use a buffer descriptors ring. Additional include files 4.

Error When Using DEC Based PCI Ethernet

In this chapter will see the initialization phase, how the controller uses the host memory and the 2 threads launched at the initialization time. This DEC chip uses the host memory to store the incoming Ethernet frames and the descriptor of these frames.

In this mode, if the transmit engine is idle, it is kick-started every time a packet needs to be transmitted.


We have used this paging mechanism, with 4Kb page. As input, this function expects a string of colon-separated parameters. These parameters, and the mechanisms used to communicate them to the driver, are detailed below. Testing the Driver 5.

Digital Dec 10 100 Fast Ethernet PCI Network Cards 21143 PC 21140 AE PD

This routine can use these fields in any manner. A media select routine is typically defined as: We use Netboot tool to load our development from a server to the target via an ethernet network. Again, see the device hardware reference manual for details.


Without modification, it can operate across the full range of architectures and targets supported by VxWorks. Write the Driver Interrupt Handler 3. If the cpu board hardware automatically swaps all the accesses to and from the PCI bus, then input and output byte stream need not be swapped.

If the link status indicates failure, AUI interface is configured. Because we use only one transmit buffer, we are sure that the de is well-sent before sending the next. Document Revision History 7.

If 2114 parameter is not specified, this version returns NULL. This allows not to lose too much memory or not to disable cache memory for a page which contains other data than buffer, which could decrease performance.

The driver supports big-endian or little-endian architectures as a configurable option. Early versions used National transcievers, but later versions are depopulated ZX boards.


RTEMS 4.5.0-beta3 On-Line Library

Driver basic operation 5. If there is no pre-allocated memory available for the driver, this parameter should be -1 NONE.

On other versions of the 21×40 family, the driver reads media information from a DEC serial ROM and configures the media. By default, the driver sets the Ethernet chip into dex non-polling mode.

7. DEC Driver — RTEMS Networking User Manual (master) documentation

See below, for an explanation of each MII flag. Once this operation performed, the driver is able to extract the information it needs to configure the board internal registers, like the interrupt line, the base address,… The board internal edc will not be detailled here.

Write the Driver Start Function.

Because the DEC chip uses the host memory to store the incoming frame and because ded DEC configuration registers are mapped into the PCI address space, we must ensure that the data read or written by the host processor are the ones written or read by the DEC device in the host memory and not old data stored in the cache memory. We plan to port the DEC driver for the Netboot tool.